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Foot Care in Markham, ON


Foot Nurse

At inStepfootcare services, our nursing focus on foot health and care differs from that offered in pedicure shops in your local neighbourhoods.

My goals are:

  1. To provide safe, professional nursing foot care + assessments
  2. Meet relevant education needs, and
  3. Provide timely referrals for clients to meet ongoing care needs within the Greater Markham Area

As an RN, I provide an optimal choice for those requiring expert treatment for foot problems, and health issues that impact mobility such as arthritis, diabetes or neuropathy. For an experienced foot nurse and foot care clinic you can trust in the Markham, ON area, contact inStep Footcare Services today.

I am an independent practitioner and I provide the following care and treatments:

  • Nail clipping and filing of normal, thick or fungal nails
  • Ingrown or involuted nail care
  • Reduction of corns and calluses
  • Hammer toe and claw toe care and protection
  • Bunion care
  • Wart treatment
  • Diabetes foot care
  • Support for Arthritic feet
  • Near infrared A light treatments for nail fungus, age-related pain management
  • Health education for personal foot care management
  • Assessment and referrals for identified foot concerns

Qualifications and Affiliations:

  • RN diploma, 1985----Bachelor of Science in Nursing, 2008----Masters of Science in Nursing, 2011
  • Nursing Foot Care-Basic and Advanced -- 2004 - Senior Watch, NB
  • 2013 - College of Health Studies, ON
  • Diabetes Education and Care Diploma -- 2015, Cambrian College
  • Annual conference/educational upgrading to maintain currency in care provision
  • Registration with the College of Nurses of Ontario (CNO)
  • Member of the Registered Nurses of Ontario (RNAO) and 3 affiliated interest groups--Geriatrics, Diabetes, International Nursing

Why Choose Us?

  • Equipment utilized for each treatment is pre-packaged and sterilized for your protection
  • Practice is regulated by College of Nurses and RNAO
  • Practitioner is licensed and insured
  • Professional Services
  • Competitive Pricing

Payment Options

  • Cash
  • Cheque
  • VISA
  • MasterCard